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We buy, sell and trade all makes & brands of gin machinery, both New and Used.  If you are looking for NEW machinery or parts, click on the "New Products" button.  If you have equipment or a complete gin plant to sell, we will be pleased to assist you in selling your equipment.

If you see something on our list that you're interested in buying, just click here to send us an email.  Be sure to include the Brand Name, Part Number, Size, Quantity, and Description of each part.  We will reply to your email with an itemized quote & part availability.  You then can determine if you would like to place an order with us. Our list of used parts changes frequently, so be sure to check our web site often for updates.


Used Saw Gins for Sale

1.   Lummus 4-88 complete saw gin .
2.   Lummus 3-108 complete saw gin.
3.   Continental 3-141 complete saw gin.
4.   Continental 3-93 complete saw gin.
5.   Continental 2-141 complete saw gin.
6.   Continental 5 - 90 complete saw gin.
7.   Murray 3 -142 complete saw gin.
8.   Murray 2 -142 complete saw gin.
9.   Murray 4-94 complete saw gin.
10. Murray 3-80 complete saw gin.
11. Hardwicke-Etter 3-252 complete saw gin.


Used Roller Gins for Sale

1. 6-Continental roller gin complete.
2. 12-Hardwicke-Etter roller gin complete.
3. 10-Hardwicke-Etter roller gin complete.
4. 6-Consolidated roller gin complete.



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