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If you see a part (or parts) you'd like to purchase, click here to send us an email.  Be sure to include the Brand Name, Part Number, Size, Quantity, and Description of each part.  We will reply to your email with an itemized quote & part availability.  You then can determine if you would like to place an order with us.

We have a complete line of repair parts for all makes of gin equipment. Continental, Consolidated, Hardwicke-Etter, Lummus, and Murray.

Please tell us the make and model of the machine you require parts for and we will fill your order.

Machine: ______ Make: __________

Description of parts or Part Number: _________  

Qty. Needed: _____


Telescope Boots
Sizes: 11", 12", 13", 15"- (7-Ribs), 15"- (11-Ribs), 19"
Telescope Pulleys - Heavy Duty Ball Bearing
Sample Knives -
    5-1/2 Old Hickory Knife, No. 57 Sharpening Stone
Lubricants and Chemicals
WD-40 Penetrating Oil (Gallon & Aerosol)
Anti-Seez 1-lb. Can Anti-Seez
Chesterton Belt Flow (Qts.)
Lub-Oil Chain Lube (Aerosol)
Tiffany Troximite Epoxy Resurfacer
Adhesive Roller Gin Roll Adhesive
Wire Cloth - Stainless Steel
  Sizes: 100, 80, 10, & 8 Mesh, 38", 50", 53", 60", & 80" Wide

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