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If you see a part (or parts) you'd like to purchase, click here to send us an email.  Be sure to include the Brand Name, Part Number, Size, Quantity, and Description of each part.  We will reply to your email with an itemized quote & part availability.  You then can determine if you would like to place an order with us.

Special Bearings

15/16" Bearing for Moss Lint Cleaner
BP-10341   1-15/16" Bearing for Continental Impact Cleaner
BP-10548   (CON-33) 1-7/16" Bearing for Moss Lint Cleaner
BP-10733   (CON-364) 1-7/16" Bearing for Moss Lint Cleaner
BP-10784   2-7/16" Bearing for Continental Fan (40)
BP-10990   2-3/16" Bearing for Continental Fan
BP-11617   1-15/16" Bearing for Moss Lint Cleaner Brush Cylinder
BP-11886   Bearing Assembly

L1100-4     1" Bore Assembly
L1015-4     15/16" Bore Bearing
L1103-4     1-3/16" Bore Bearing
L1107-4     1-7/16" Bore Bearing
L1108-4     1-1/2" Bore Bearing
L1115-4     1-15/16" Bore Bearing
L1203-4     2-3/16" Bore Bearing

043620-H   1428 Lummus Pillow Block Housing only
043588-H   A-126 Lummus Pillow Housing
044123-H   Pillow Bock Housing for Lummus 158
806109-38-10199  Bearing Assembly HEY-8719-D

Size ______________ SCHB _______

  Size ______________ SC _________

  Size _____________ MB _________

Type E Pillow Blocks:
  Size _____________

Type E Flange Bearings:
  Size _____________

Customer to specify type and size needed and we will fill your order. We have a complete line of Sealmaster, Dodge, and McGill bearings.
  Bearings for Conveyors

BE-5377     1-1/2" Coupling for 6" Conveyor
BE-5378     2" Coupling for 6" Conveyor
BE-5384     2-3/16" Coupling for Conveyor
558767       1-15/16" Coupling for Conveyor
IC-112        1-1/2" Internal Collar
BE-5488     1/2" x 3" Conveyor Bolt

Fafnir Bearings and Housings

Size ___________

KRRB ___ KRRG ____ GN ____

RAS ____ RSA ____ RCJ ____ RAO _____

RAK _____ RCJT _____ RAKH ___ VFD _____

RSAO ____   PP _____ NPP5 ____   KLL _____

KLLB ____   KDD ____

Customer to specify size and type and we will fill your order. We have a complete line of Fafnir Bearings.

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